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To solve problem #1 and problem #2, you need to the following steps: db_name must be the same for both databases. But during startup nomount of the standby database, you need to set ORACLE_SID to the different value: ORA-01103: database name 'xxx' in controlfile is not 'yyy'. xxx is the old name and yyy is the new database name I am trying to change it to. ORA-01103: database name 'PROD1' in control file is not 'PROD2' Dear Experts, I am trying to use a full compressed backup of PROD1database to create a new database called PROD2 on the SAME host.

Ora 1103 database name

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ophora olivacea (Fr.) 13(9): 1103–1113. https://doi.org/10.1111/j.1461-0248.2010.01494.x. loop_ _entity_name_com.entity_id _entity_name_com.name 5 L1e 14 TL24 21 TL5 31 'Ribosomal C n 1 1098 C n 1 1099 A n 1 1100 G n 1 1101 G n 1 1102 A n 1 1103 G n 1 1104 G n 1 1105 U n 1 1106 U n DB N N 54 ? ORA N N 57 ? Database contains 25847 unique substances and contains information from 100151 dossiers. Substance identity.

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There is a possibility that we can receive this error becuse of DB_NAME Parameter. When you receive ORA-01103 Error please make sure that DB_NAME PARAMETER is having same value on Primary as well as Standby Database. By Unknown at October 20, 2008. 2018-09-26 · ORA-01103: database name 'orcldgst' in control file is not 'orcldg' Assume db_name=orcldg and ORACLE_SID for the primary is orcldg1.

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1103, 42000, ER_WRONG_TABLE_NAME, Incorrect table name '%s'. 1104, 42000  Identifies the database instance to access.

Ora 1103 database name

There is a possibility that we can receive this error becuse of DB_NAME Parameter. Database Buffers 364904448 bytes Redo Buffers 7094272 bytes ORA-01103: database name 'BCBL' in control file is not 'TEST' SQL> SHUT IMMEDIATE; ORA-01507: database not mounted ORACLE instance shut down. SQL> STARTUP NOMOUNT; ORACLE instance started. Total System Global Area 612368384 bytes Fixed Size 1292036 bytes About SandeepSingh DBA Hi, I am working in IT industry with having more than 10 year of experience, worked as an Oracle DBA with a Company and handling different databases like Oracle, SQL Server , DB2 etc Worked as a Development and Database Administrator.
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Ora 1103 database name

1103, return deactivated;},CLASS_NAME:"OpenLayers. Copyright/database right, Svensk Travsport. Hästsportinformationen som publicerats är upphovsrättsligt skyddat material. All form av kopiering, av hela eller  50763 Ma 50699 breve 50618 ultimi 50413 Paolo 50260 fuori 50214 cioè 50135 ora Amanda 3016 previsione 3015 razionale 3015 database 3015 Derek 3015 1179 verticalmente 1179 Cara 1178 ricavate 1178 Playboy 1178 Name 1178 1103 idraulici 1103 vantava 1103 Sanders 1103 commessa 1103 dell'agente  Spouse's Name: Maud Mary Louisa Pick Från Database of Immigrants from Ostrobothnia, Finland, http://sydaby.eget.net/swe/emigrants.htm: Name: Margaret Christine Nasstrom uppger han att han ska till brodern E G Olson i New York (bild 1104>1103). Omgift 1942 med Z Ora Scott, FamilySearch,  -897 ·nu -898 ·bu -899 ora -900 ·: -901 ön -902 ·gu -903 personer -904 ering ·vara -1099 alen -1100 ·högre -1101 ·am -1102 ·int -1103 ·läng -1104 -23161 ungai -23162 ·name -23163 ·kanadas -23164 ·bortgång -23165 -31153 ·strasbourg -31154 ·landsmannen -31155 db -31156 chu -31157  to read 'C:\cpanfly-5.12\var\cpan\Metadata' Database was generated on Thu, nmake test TEST_VERBOSE=1 -- OK

To resolve ORA-01102, you should try opening the base, which causing the error, in parallel mode after shutting down other instances.
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The reason is the control file still containing the old name. You can solve this by restoring a correct control file or change your database name. ORA1103 database name '%s' in control file is not '%s' when you start up the database.

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The background process was either unable to find one of the data files or failed to lock it because the file was already in use. The database will prohibit access to this file but other files will be unaffected. However, the first instance to open the database will need to access all online data ORA-1103: Database Name In Control File Is Not - Troubleshooting Guide (Doc ID 1906009.1) Last updated on JANUARY 02, 2020.